Activate Your Gift Card

By Applying Simple Steps

Activate Your Gift Card Online.

Know how to redeem your gift card balance

Gift card, once purchased from the reputed physical stores or from an authentic website; has to be activated before use. All you just need to activate the prepaid gift card before redeeming the card balance while making payment for the purchase made through online or at the physical store.
Some of the gift cards get activated automatically upon the first purchase made online or at the nearby shopping center, while others are supposed to be activated manually.

Points to Consider While Activating The Gift Card

Moving ahead, let’s discuss the certain things that need to be remembered while activating the gift card.


You have purchased a gift card from an authentic shopping store or website.


The gift card issued to you is in proper state with numbers clearly printed therein.


Please check the toll-free number printed on your gift card is not in the scam list.


Do make sure, you are talking to an authentic person in order to get your gift card activated.

The process to Activate Your Gift Card At Ease

To make you aware, the process to activate gift card differs with its mode of purchase. Here are the steps that make things clear for you.

How to Activate Your Gift Card If Purchased Online?

  • Wait for few days as the gift card purchased online, will be delivered at your shipping address in few days through mail
  • As the gift card is delivered, a message is written on the sticker “Activate this card”. Alongside this, certain steps are clearly mentioned on the sticker that cna help user know how to activate gift card online.
  • Take a coin and scratch the dark strip on your plastic card to get the card number upfront
  • Now give a call on the toll-free number mentioned on the back of your gift card to get it activated immediately
  • In case this process fails due to a technical problem in the phone line, then access the URL on your mobile or PC that will take you to the gift card activation page
  • Enter the card number correctly along with access code, password, and expiry details
  • Finally, press the ‘activate’ button to get the gift card activated in minutes
  • Congratulations. Your card is now activated successfully. You can now redeem it online or at physical shopping store or attach it with a bank account to transfer its balance successfully.

How to Activate Your Gift Card If Purchased From The Physical Store?

  • Visit the authentic store located nearby your home or workplace.
  • Meet the authorized person, who deal with the activation of Gift card purchased in-store.
  • Once your authenticity is confirmed by the person to the teller, your gift card gets activated automatically.
  • Collect the gift card ID and authorization code that help you redeem the card balance or transfer it to the bank account.

Get Your Gift Card Activated Taking Our Assistance

Though you can go following the above-mentioned methods and steps and activate your gift card, doesn’t these two different process of card activation seems bit complicated. Let’s get you out of this situation in quick time. Whether you have purchased the gift card online or from a nearby store, we a help you out when it comes to activating the prepaid card in a hassle free way and won’t even charge a single penny for this service.

Onlinebalances is one such authorized online portal that can help you activate the gift card just by following a simple procedure.

  • Access the home page and click the image of gift card you own.
  • Doing this, an online gift card activation form is displayed.
  • Enter the gift card number in the online form along with the state & phone number.
  • Press the button “Check balance” and wait for few seconds to display the card amount.
  • Once done, your gift card is now activated along with instant balance check.

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