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Attach Your Gift Card with Bank Account for Balance Transfer

Know how to attach your gift card with bank

Various searches have been made by people over the web to know; whether it is possible to associate or link a gift card with the bank account. But, no positive answer has been received yet from anyone regarding this. This has led to utter disappointment for users, who are looking to attach their gift card with bank accounts for balance transfer.
Majority of people could not find any authentic way to attach their gift card with the bank, everyone has considered this an impossible task.
Merchants issuing gift card; with no Visa or Master Card or American Express or Discover logo printed on the card, do not give authentication to the user for attaching the same with a bank account. Other gift cards with these logos, can be attached to the bank account; but it’s actually not an easy cake walk.

How to Link Visa or Master Card Gift Cards with Bank Account?

Option 1: Pay Fees for the Same

Gift cards having Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover logo, can be associated or attached your account. There are several online portals that charge fees to do so.
Just sign-up with magstripe reader and you will get the basic device free of cost. Upon doing it, you’ve to pay 2.75% as a fee for each swipe that will get automatically deducted from the amount to be transferred.
Transfering Gift card balance to the bank account through the Square reader is quite easy. It can actually help you get the gift card attached with the bank account in a feasible way. You can swipe the gift card like debit or credit card using Square reader device.
If it’s not available with you, just download the app on your mobile device and create an account. It will charge you 3.75% for entering the card details manually.

Option 2: Get It Done Free of Cost

There are several fee-free options that can help you add the gift card with the bank account. Though it’s a bit lengthy process, you can get it done without paying the extra fees.
Paypal: Transfer your Gift card balance to the verified PayPal account that is attached with your bank account. Once the card balance is added successfully to Paypal wallet, you can transfer the amount from the same to your bank account within next 3-5 business days. Though Paypal does not deduct any fees from the amount being transferred but make sure, your bank does not charge any fees for the same.
Venmo: You can opt for another free option to attach your gift card with the bank for quick balance transfer. Venmo is one such mobile payment app that helps you perform the required task at ease. It helps you add gift card balance to its wallet and get it transferred to bank account unless the transaction gets declined due to fraudulent activity protection.
Once the funds are added to your Venmo account, just click the option “Transfer to the bank” from the account balance menu and the amount will transfer swiftly to the destination within next 2-3 business days.

How to Attach Other Gift Cards with Your Bank Account?

Several other merchants without any authentic logos, may not authorize you to attach your gift cards with the bank account. If you possess any such gift card and have added its balance to online shopping account, then keep using the same for making payments for goods or services or paid subscriptions. In short, there is such option provided by merchants to transfer your balance to the bank account.

We Can Efficiently Help You Do This is one such online portal that can help you, attach their gift cards with the bank account for balance transfer in seconds. No need to pay any fees or bank charges as you can get the card linked free of cost.
Just follow these easy steps that can help you attach a gift card with bank account without paying a single penny:

  • Sign-up with by filling up the required details
  • If you’re already a registered member, click the link “attach a card with the bank”
  • As you do the same, an online form appears.
  • Enter your Gift card as well as bank details
  • Finally, press the button “Attach Your Gift Card”
  • A message will display “Congratulations, Your Gift card has been attached successfully with bank account”

As if you’re not able to follow these steps, then get connected with our qualified customer service experts; who’re always there to offer anytime help through a toll-free phone number or email address. Be there is any kind of complexity in transferring gift card balance to the bank account, we are quite capable to help you out.

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