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An Easy Way to Check Your Gift Card Balance Online

Checking the gift card balance is highly recommended before using it for the different purpose. As if you’re shopping or looking to link your card with the bank account for the balance transfer, nothing can’t be done unless and until you are aware of the card balance. As various gift cards can be purchased online and offline, the same mode has to be applied for checking the balance. Checking card balance is quite essential if someone has gifted it to you. It also offers a surety that real value has been provided to you in the form of gift card balance for the payment being made.

What Makes You Check Gift Card Balance?

An authorized dealer can be contacted to check the gift card balance if you’ve purchased the same from the nearby store. Other than this, you can check the balance upon accessing the internet if the gift card was purchased online and delivered through the mail.
Several shopping stores also offer the free gift card to its premium customer on the auspicious occasion of “Thanks Giving Day” or “Christmas Eve” or the New Year, upon making an annual purchase of a specific amount; say $4999 or CAD 2999 or GBP 9999.
These gift cards are issued at the physical shopping stores and has to be redeemed there itself or at their partner stores. But you’re supposed to check its balance to verify the amount displayed on the prepaid gift card. In that case, you’re supposed to visit the billing team of that specific store and request the executive available there to check the gift card balance before redeeming it.
In case; you’re not able to check the balance of Gift card online or offline at the specific retail store, then giving a call at the toll-free number printed on the back of your gift card, is the only option to get immediate help from customer service team.

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Onlinebalances is a certified portal offering help users to check their gift card balance in minutes just by following a specific procedure. No matter, you have purchased the gift card online or from the physical store, we are here to help you know its exact balance in seconds without charging a single penny. Apart from this, the gift card will also get activated at the same time, the time you are providing essential details to check prepaid card balance.


Visit the home page of our official website, and select your card.


Just click on any of these if you have the same in handy. Otherwise, click on other gift card option.


Once the online form is displayed on the web page; just enter the gift card number, state, card amount as well as registered phone number.


Finally, click the check balance button to know your exact gift card balance.

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