Redeem Your Gift Card

Redeem Your Gift Card

Without Paying A Single Penny

Know how to redeem your gift card

Gift card; once purchased or been gifted by someone else, can be used while you shop something from the online store. This is only possible when you transfer the gift card balance to the shopping account. Certain shopping sites provide the gift card to its premium customers upon regular purchases made by them.
The balance of these gift cards is restricted to be used in the same shopping websites. Therefore, it is essential to redeem the gift card for adding its balance in the shopping account for making hassle-free payment and avail exclusive cashback or reward points upon doing so.
Do you possess any gift card being issued while making purchases at the physical store or from online shopping portal?
Are you actually confused how to redeem gift card that has been gifted to you by someone on the special occasion?
No need to be anxious as you can now redeem the gift card balance and add it to your shopping wallet at one go, just by implementing few easy steps.

What Has To Be Done While Redeeming A Gift Card?

There is nothing special that you’ve to do while redeeming a gift card balance. The specific process has to be followed to redeem gift card delivered through the mail or provided in the virtual form through email.

How to Redeem A Gift Card Balance?

If you’ve received a plastic gift card through the mail or it has been sent in a virtual form through email, the process to redeem gift card is bit different but very easy to follow. Follow the process properly to add gift card balance in the shopping account. Other than this, you can redeem gift card directly while making payment during checkout by opting the option and entering required details.

Method 1: How to Redeem Shopping Gift Card Received Through Email

  • Activate your gift card by scratching the code and making a call at our toll-free number
  • Access the website on which you’re supposed to use the gift card balance
  • Enter the login credentials of the shopping site and click on the Menu option
  • Click the Option ‘Redeem’ and enter gift card number along with essential details
  • Finally, press the done button to redeem Gift card balance successfully in shopping accounts

Method 2: How to Redeem Gift Card Received Virtually Through Email?

  • Access the Email account and open the message sent by the merchant.
  • There you will find gift card image with ‘Redeem’ Button.
  • Just click on it to start the process through the shopping website.
  • Enter the login credentials and navigate to the shopping account.
  • You’ll find the gift card balance automatically therein.

How to Redeem Gift Cards for Free?

A certain fee is charged by the merchant of different shopping sites while you look to redeem Gift card in the account for making the online purchase easier. Other than this, activation fees are also charged for redeeming the unused gift cards after the expiry date.
If you’re looking to save the money and redeem gift card free of cost, then there is an option available online. Online balances are one such source with an online panel that has helped many users to activate the gift card and redeem the balance to your shopping account without charging a penny.
No matter you’ve received the card through the mail or through email, Onlinebalances portal help you redeem its balance in the shopping account without any trouble.

Redeem Your Gift Card Easily with Online Balances

  • Sign-up with
  • Choose the gift card that you possess and get it activated in minutes.
  • Now, look for the option to redeem gift card in shopping account.
  • Once found, click on it to open an online form
  • Enter the required details like card number and balance that has to be redeemed
  • Press submit button to redeem gift card balance successfully

At times, you may face troubles while proceeding through the above-mentioned steps. Contacting the customer service team through 24/7 active helpline number to redeem gift card, can be the best option rather than taking wrong steps and losing the card balance forever.

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